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Multi-Faceted eCommerce Platform for B2C & B2B

  • Magento 2 store
  • Magento Multi vendor Store
  • Magento 2 HyperlocalMobile App
  • Magento 2 Grocery Mobile app

Magento 2 store

Magento 2 mobile App builder enables real-time synchronization of products, customers and also orders between the mobile app and the Magento store. The app users find an effective solution in purchasing products on the Magento store.

Magento 2 Multi-Vendor

Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace mobile app builder provides an efficient interaction with merchants/sellers and the buyers. Let the users experience better UI/UX and get fast loading pages and utilize the device-based features.

Hyperlocal Mobile App for Magento 2

Hyperlocal mobile app for Magento 2 is specifically designed to support the local store owners in offering the products with fast deliveries. The mobile app will auto detect the buyers’ location and gives an exception user-experience. The buyers can also check the availability of the seller as well as the product through your Magento 2 mobile app. The seller can set his own delivery radius and can enhance the performance of hyperlocal selling.

Magento 2 Grocery Mobile App

Magento 2 grocery mobile app gives a seamless and user-engaging grocery shopping experience to the customers. The magento 2 grocery mobile app is a fully native android/ IOS app that are highly customizable. You can maximize the sale traffic to your grocery store with its in-built marketing tools. With its easier checkout process customers can place the grocery orders anywhere, anytime. Live synchronization is enabled in magento 2 grocery mobile app.

Magento 2 Mobile App Solution for Your Store

Fully Customizable

Make the app fit into your business

Power your Magento 2 multi vendor platform with easy customization that can make your business fit into the platform. Have your own way of organizing the inventory and orders that will facilitate the vendors in analyzing the data through statistical reports. You can add on additional payment gateways that will help you to retain your customers.

Native user experience

Expand your customer base exponentially by providing stunning user experience.

Zielcommerce lets your customer avail the unique native ecommerce app for their business. The native ecommerce app is perfectly integrated with all comprehensive features that will gain the attention of the users and result you in getting good returns.

Push Notifications

Alert and grab the attention of your visitors through push notification

Maintain a good rapport with your customers by keeping in touch with them often by sending personalized mails. Let them have the privilege of knowing about your offers, discounts, new arrivals that are available in your magento 2 mobile app.

A Heap of Magento Mobile eCommerce App Features

Easy Product Management

Boundless Products & Categories

Zielcommerce facilitates the vendors of your magento2 platform to add infinite products into the mobile shopping app and will make it visible to the target audience and gets you more sales and conversions.

Fast cart Management

Zielcommerce will considerably reduce the abandonment rate by providing efficient cart management in your Magento2 mobile ecommerce platform. With a single click checkout process and multiple payment gateways integration, the users can easily complete their shopping and attain the satisfaction with your platform.


Wishlist facilitates your customers to save and manage their favorites and this feature will help you to increase your sales and revenue. You can also provide the best user experience and interaction to your customers by utilizing the latest emerging technologies that are integrated in your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform.


Zielcommerce gives an assuring user-interface and make the visitors feel more comfortable in selecting the product with its advanced filtering options. The performance of the platform is enhanced by providing a comfortable product searching experiences.

Integrate Multiple online stores

Simply own multiple stores and manage all your stores efficiently with the advanced Zielcommerce magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform. Delight your users with easy multiple store management features.

Retention & Conversion

Deep Linking

Let your users save their time by directly visiting the required page through deep linking features and this will make them decide instantly to purchase the product through your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform. Zielcommerce simplifies the navigation process and gives instant solutions to the visitors.

Social media Integration

Zielcommerce allows your mobile ecommerce app to reach your target audience through social media integration features as all your audience are active in the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. spend wisely on the social media campaigns and get good returns.

Push Notifications

Keeping in touch with the customers is the key aspect that is essential for the business growth. This can be attained through Zielcommerce’s Push notification feature and the customers will be updated about the latest arrivals, discounts and offers and many more changes that are carried out in your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform.

Fast Registration and Login

Zielcommerce consists of simple registration procedures with easily understandable registration forms. This will fasten the registration and login process and supports you to acquire more new users.

Power of Localization

Multi Shipping & Payment Methods

Focus on customer retention through the zielcommerce multiple-shipping and payment methods. This will allow your customers to decide to buy the products spontaneously as they will be satisfied to see multiple shipping and payment methods.

Multiple Languages & Currencies

Attract your global audience with in-built features like multiple languages and multiple currencies. This feature will let you magento2 mobile ecommerce application to get higher visibility and global reach easily. As people love to shop in a platform that supports their native. So it will increase your conversion rate.

Insights & Analytics

App Analytics Dashboard

Understand the performance of your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform through dedicated dashboard and analytical reports. The reports give the clear picture about success rate of your platform and through this you can find out the flaws and can rectify the errors.

Google Analytics Integration

Google analytics is well integrated in your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform. You can come to know about the sales channel and how your investments are getting used. Also you will get a clear picture about the profit and loss of the application.

Sophisticated User Insights

To enhance the working pattern of your magento 2 mobile ecommerce platform you need to deeply analyze the customers’ buying behaviors. The insights feature of the zielcommerce platform will give a detailed analysis.

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