Launch an Exclusive Mobile commerce App In Sync with Your eCommerce Store

Build Customer-Centric Mobile Commerce Apps

Fully Customizable

Choose whatever floats your boat

From UX/UI to customer features building mobile commerce apps is made simple. Any third party APIs, tools or technologies integration can be possible in Zielcart mobile commerce solution to build your mobile e-commerce app.

Native user experience

Compromise not for anything less than you deserve

Lend your customers the power-packed performance of the native e-commerce apps. Zielcart is a native mobile commerce solution and so your e-commerce mobile apps can perform massively marvelous by opting native app.

Push Notification

Connect your visitors through push notifications

Reach your customers even though they are not on your site by sending personalized Push notification by notifying them on the discounts, offers, seasonal sale, new product launch at the right time to improve your conversion rate on your native ecommerce apps.

A Heap of Mobile Commerce Features

Upload & maintain umpteen Products

More product in yourshopping app reflect more sales. Regardless of platforms. Zielcart enables you to upload any number of product intio the mobile shopping app in sync with your ecommerce store

Combine and convert

Integrate multiple online stores on your mobile e-commerce platform. You can craft, manage and control different web stores on a single admin.

Easy to pay and Flexible secured shipping

Build a mobile e-commerce application with Zielcart that allows users to purchase hassle-free regardless of the payment method they prefer. Sales ratio will be increased when there are numerous payment methods.

Defeat Language barriers

Customers are globalized. Attract your customers in and around the world by displaying in their local language. You'll have all the opportunities to not lose your customer who visits the products in your eCommerce app by implementing multiple languages and multiple currency setting.

Make your customers visit you once more

The visitors may reach your product from any medium like Google. The deep link makes certain that whichever site your customers land to, Zielcart do the honor for creating mobile e-commerce app which makes sure your visitors does not deviate from landing to your product page they visited then.

Anything Fast is a Blast

To provide faster app experience for the mobile e-commerce app users, Ziel Cart facilitates to develop native apps which makes the most use of the device.

Link and Earn

Notifying the updates is the major thing in any business. By making use of Push notification and deep linking features, the customers can be informed with the updates of the online store. This paves the way to link the customer to the product page and generate a substantial sales rate

Segment the visitors and retain them

In order to link the customers to your page, you need to fragment the users depending on the locale where they reside. The focus is to send the right notification to the right user at the right time.

Make it more fascinating

Apps on their own are always boring since it is only a piece of software. To make it more interesting and to unleash their true face, Zielcart helps you build a mobile commerce app that can be integrated with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and, YouTube.

Shop within seconds

The customers should enjoy shopping with you. By developing a mobile commerce app that uses native experience and multi-payment method, we render a quick way to purchase the products in the cart.

Reach us fast

The native mobile commerce app development with Zielcart makes the browsing speed faster which makes the customer land to your product page efficiently.

Analyze your business

Monitor the active users, orders, products purchased frequently, the star rating of a product and average order value in our ecommerce App Dashboard.

Analyze your customers

We usually build a mobile e-commerce app that uses Google analytics to measure user acquisition, their characteristic and, engagement on your app.

Segment the visitors and retain them

For a better understanding of your customer, Zielcart facilitates building mobile commerce app that shows the analysis of the customer for a period of time.

Your option is our occupation

We seamlessly Build Your Mobile Commerce Apps on Any Platform

Zielcart is a Pre-built mobile commerce solution that assists you to build mobile commerce apps in both Android & iOS that endow with great UX, top-notch security & compatibility on your preferred ecommerce platform

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